Hope you are all keeping warm and snuggly as winter is now upon us and the temperatures have plummeted.

In my last blog, I talked about safety being one of the major issues of concern for our elderly either at home or in care, let’s talk about the benefits of moving into care in general.

Deciding whether to move a loved one into residential care home can be difficult decision to make. Therefore it is important to weigh up your options and consider the benefits to both you and the individual moving into the care home.

Here are the 10 benefits that residential care can provide:

  • 24hour care and round the clock assistance

At Alexander house we have fully trained staff on duty 24 hours a day. So you can be safe in the knowledge that your loved ones are well looked after.

  • Personalised care

We ensure that all our residents’ individual needs are assessed, and each resident has a personalized care plan that includes their personal preferences as well as specific care needs.

  • Specialist, nursing care.

We work together with GPs and Nurse practitioners from Feilding Health Center as residents may require additional specialist care.

  • Fighting loneliness

Older people are extremely vulnerable to social isolation. We are a small home and so there is always opportunities for socialising. Whether it’s with other residents or members of staff, there is always someone available for a chat.

  • Medication management

It can be difficult for older people to remember to take their medication, or to take it correctly. That’s why in a residential care setting, trained staff take all the responsibility of these daily tasks, ensuring that your loved one is taking their medication as prescribed.

  • Peace of mind for families that their loved one is in good hands

Moving your loved one into care may give you peace of mind as it takes away the burden of  worrying about your loved one being alone at home.

  • Clean, safe living environment

Staff take responsibility for most daily tasks and chores and so residents do not have to worry about maintaining their environment.

  • Easy access to nutritious meals

Balanced meals are provided throughout the day to ensure residents receive adequate nutrition. All meals are made on site at Alexander House.

  • Full range of social activities

Residents have access to a variety of activities in and out of the facility. Residents will also get support keeping active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by being provided with different physical activities and exercises.

  • Comfortable temperatures

Your loved one will reside in a warm and comfortable environment. This is especially important as it can be difficult and expensive to keep a home heated and issues with heating can lead to illness and health decline.

  • Privacy when needed

Socialisation is extremely important throughout a person’s life, however it’s equally important to have access to personal space. Residents have their own rooms which they can return to whenever they need time to themselves.

If you decide that residential care is the best action for you or your loved one, then get in touch with me on 022 512 4039 or 06 323 9326. I am more than willing to help and advise you on the best way to proceed.