Recently I had a very interesting chat with a husband who was looking at moving his wife into care but still had a lot of reservations. It was proving very difficult for him to part with his wife that he has been married to for 66 years. He just could not envision not  having her in the house they had shared for many, many years despite him highlighting how unsafe it was becoming keeping her home. We talked for more than an hour and during that time he highlighted what his concerns were and also his wife’s

In reflection I have been thinking about how moving into care affects the families and the person being moved into care

The feelings of the elderly about moving into care can vary widely and are influenced by various factors such as individual personality, health status, social support, and the specific circumstances surrounding the move. Here are some common sentiments that elderly individuals may experience when facing the prospect of moving into care:

  • Mixed Emotions:

Relief: Some seniors may feel relieved at the idea of moving into care, especially if they are struggling with health issues or find it challenging to manage daily tasks on their own.

Anxiety: On the other hand, there can be anxiety or fear associated with the unknown aspects of a new living arrangement, unfamiliar surroundings, and adapting to a different lifestyle.

  • Loss of Independence:

Loss: Moving into care often involves a shift from an independent living situation to one with more support and supervision. Seniors may feel a sense of loss of autonomy and independence.

Dependence: While some individuals may embrace the additional assistance, others may be hesitant to become dependent on others for their daily needs.

  • Concerns about Social Connections:

Isolation: The fear of social isolation is common. Seniors may worry about being separated from friends, family, and their familiar community.

Community Engagement: On the positive side, many care facilities offer opportunities for socialization and activities, which can help residents build new friendships.

  • Attachment to Home:

Attachment: Elders often have strong emotional attachments to their homes, which may have decades of memories. Leaving a long-time residence can be emotionally challenging.

Nostalgia: The nostalgia associated with leaving a familiar environment can lead to a reluctance to move, even if it may be in their best interest for health and safety reasons.

  • Financial Concerns:

Worries about Costs: The financial aspects of moving into care, including the costs associated with assisted living or nursing homes, can be a significant concern for seniors and their families.

  • Health Considerations:

Recognition of Need: Seniors facing declining health may recognize the need for additional care but may still feel apprehensive about the changes it entails.

  • Family Dynamics:

Support vs. Burden: Seniors may have mixed feelings about whether their move into care is seen as a support or a burden by their family members.

It’s important to note that these feelings can evolve over time, and the adjustment period varies from person to person. Support from family, friends, and staff at care facilities can play a crucial role in helping seniors adapt to their new living arrangements. Communication and involving the elderly individual in decision-making can also contribute to a smoother transition.

At Alexander we have a good understanding of how such a transition can be a big challenge and  recognise that families and residents moving into care  need support systems  well before the actual move and so we help by:-

  • Ensuring that there is open communications right from the first time of contact
  • All information is provided through verbal explanations and information packages
  • Offering trial periods of respite prior to permanent move
  • Holistic approach that ensures all decision making involves the resident

Our website will give you a glimpse of our services and there is also a virtual tour that gives you and idea of our facilities. Or even better come visit us t Alexander and we gladly take you on a tour of our warm, friendly and homely facility.