Safety and the elderly?

New Zealand has an ageing population. Currently, 17% of all our population is over 65, and this will continue to rise.( Age concern NZ)

One of the issues that come with an ageing the general changes that come with it. There may be physical and/or psychological changes that start to make an impact on one’s day to day living. Safety issues then arise.

What is safety?

Definition from Oxford Dictionary

“The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury”.

So what are the safety problems among the elderly?

  • Slips and falls- reduced function due to medical problems, medications
  • Burns or home fires
  • Electric shock
  • Medication errors- forgetting to take their medication, or mixing up their medications
  • Social isolation
  • Poor hygiene
  • Poor nutrition
  • Home security- the elderly maybe targeted by criminals
  • Online safety- the elderly may be targeted by cyber criminal

The impact of the above problems may then lead into families deciding to move their loved one into care. Most if not all of the above safety problems are minimised or eliminated in residential care.

At Alexander House  the safety of your loved ones is maintained by ensuring that we follow all the standards set by the ministry of health by providing the following and more:-

  • 24 hour care by fully trained Health Care assistants
  • Safe environment -warm , free from hazards and homely
  • Safe Medication management and administration by competent staff
  • Routine GP/NP reviews and reviews per required need
  • Routine clinical assessments by our RN
  • All meals are prepared on site
  • Guaranteed assistance with all activities of daily living

Are you worried about an elderly family member, an elderly friend or are you one of our senior citizens who may be considering moving into care? Please call me on 022 512 4039 or email and we can talk.